1 The Impact of National Rural Livelihoods Mission (Nrlm) Programme on Social and Economic Development of Rural Women in Trichy District, Tamilnadu 
2 A Discussion on the Origin of Dravidians (South Indians) 
3 Historiographic Metafiction in Don Delillo’s Libra  
4 Women in the mesh of Patriarchy in Shashi Deshpande The Dark Holds No Terror 
5 Female psyche in Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain  
6 Phyllanthus Niruri as Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel 
7 Traditional Clothing of Dravidians with special reference to Arimuti (Genital Shield) 
8 Gender Issues in Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster place  
9 SW Analysis of resistance of resistors through electrical circuits  
10 Inspection of Welded Stainless Steel Material by Echo Dynamic  
11 The Role of Christian Missionaries in Higher Education in Tamil Nadu 
12 Is Science Gender - Specific? 
13 Brand Preference of Mobile Phone with reference to Villupuram Town 
14 Women in the Mesh of Patriarchy 
15 Grammar Games - Cognitive, affective and drama activities 
16 Corporate Skills 
17 The Social Interventions of Nuns in India since 1854 – 1870 with special reference to Holy Cross Sisters, France.
18 A Study on Numerology with reference to Destiny Number, Compound Number, Date and Month of Birth 
19 Identification of Children with Dyslexia in Regular Schools 
20 Reservation of Women in Legislative Bodies - A Study 
21 Vision Screening in School Children 
22 Impact of online tourism in the growth and development of Tamilnadu’s economy 
23 Child Sex Ratio in Tamilnadu 
24 Gender inequity Gap in India